About Marieke

Marieke grew up in the United States in New England. She has studied around the world, earning a BA in European History and French Language; Master’s in Environmental Education; and PhD in Sustainability Education. She studied classical piano for 13 years, abandoning music for several years of wandering in her 20s. In her time as a doctoral student, Marieke found a way back to her musical roots, co-creating a method of songwriting called Story-to-Song (STS), wherein a song is shaped from a person’s spoken story. After 10 years working as an Interpretive Park Ranger for the National Park Service, Marieke left government service in search of an independent, creative path, where she would be free to blend her skills and passions. She currently works as an editor, writer, songwriter, performing musician, and yoga teacher. Marieke has lived, worked, and studied all over the world. She is currently living in northern France with her husband, three indoor cats, and a big, white husky.


4 thoughts on “About Marieke

  1. What a nice life story, interesting trajectory! Belgium is lucky to have you, Marieke. I love the Story-to-Song method, currently coming up with all sorts of stories, looking for someone to turn them into a song:)! The pandemic has enabled more and more people to unleash their creative potential inadvertently.

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    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful message! I am so very honored this songwriting method speaks to you and that you are riding a wave of creativity. For me, the creative process really feeds my soul, especially in dark times. Keep creating!! 🙂 ❤


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